Adrienne Leilani

Independent | NYC + NJ   

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 At A Glance

   Age: 27
   Height: 5'6 or 168 cm
   Hair: Brown Pixie Cut
   Eyes: Hazel
   Size: 35B-28-38
   Base: NYC
   Drink: Mezcal, Sake
   Eat: Gluten Free goodies
   Flower: Peonies

Hello there.

The possibilities of life intoxicate me. In the words of Kerouac, I am “mad to live, mad to talk,” and “desirous of everything at the same time”. Fiery passion nips at my heels. This zest for new experiences has propelled me through formal studies in philosophy and literature, stacks of books, international adventures, and a string of hobbies such that I feel I need a thousand more lifetimes to satisfy my curiosities. Life is short – let's not waste it.

The thought of getting to know you fills me with excitement and curiosity. I want to explore every aspect of each other. Let's lounge around together and get comfy. Then we can share in a private world away from the life we normally lead. Let's create a space where we can indulge in our fantasies and alter our expectations of what is possible. I find it so liberating to take a break from the tedium of everyday life, to experience something new and revel in intimate play - don't you?

My personality is such that you will find me singing along to Nina Simone and Marvin Gaye as I stroll through my neighborhood appreciating the seasonal flowers. I smile at strangers as they pass by--I'm accustomed to sharing my enchantment in the world and its delights.

If, like me, you are a compassionate, kind, and considerate person who is seeking a brief respite, please do get in touch. Together, we can indulge in a luxurious escape filled with pleasure, joy, and play. Doesn't that sound like an irresistible way to spend the afternoon?




Let me be your sweetheart and show you the insatiability and tenderness of young love. If you have a penchant for all things naughty, inquire about rates for taming this minx into submission. Trust that you'll find yourself at ease in my enchanting company. Let's swoon together!

48 hrs

24 hrs

14 hrs

4 hrs

3 hrs

2 hrs

1.5 hrs

1 hr









Incall: +$200

Couples: +20%


Kink: inquire for rates.

Dates 3+ hours require an outside activity.

Please note that deposits are required to confirm our rendez-vous.




Are you willing to travel?

Yes of course--in fact, I quite enjoy it! I do relish in exploring new places and I'd love it even more in your company. Comradery is everything when on the road and I am told that I am a fantastic travel partner. My not-so-guilty pleasure is planning trips around the world and my Google Maps app is chalkful of 'want to see's' waiting to be, well, seen. Be in touch if you'd like me to yourself on a getaway or check out if I'm on tour! In order to be my most charming and attentive self, I need a minimum of 7 hours of shut-eye on our sleepovers. You'll win my heart if you let me awaken naturally! In addition, I will need a couple of hours solo each day to prepare and recharge. Our mutual pleasure and contentment are my priorities—having this bit of time each day keeps me feeling fresh and ready to adventure together.

What if I need to cancel?

I'm sorry to hear that! Of course, these things happen. As much notice as possible for plan changes is greatly appreciated--I do put a good deal of effort into preparation for our time together. Please note that if cancelling within 24 hours of our arranged time, I request 50% of the consideration. If the cancellation is within 12 hours, the full balance is required. If you cancel within these time frames, I may require a deposit on future bookings.

I'd like to take you to dinner! Any preferences?

Oh lovely—and thank you for asking! I am a celiac which means that I cannot have any food products containing gluten. Of course, I don't mind if you do! I can almost always find something on any menu that I will enjoy though a quick double check if you are making reservations usually makes chefs happy and me feel at ease. I'm a big fan of the delights of the natural world so any cuisine that highlights fresh and seasonal ingredients excites me! Admittedly, I adore food of all backgrounds and levels of sophistication--from the local taqueria to the hidden Michelin gems of Tokyo alleys.

What will happen when we meet?

If meeting in private, please leave the consideration in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter. If we meet in public, you could slip it into a card or gift bag. If you're feeling a personal touch, I would be tickled pink to receive it in an art/architecture/travel/poetry book or record sleeve that you recommend. I geek out equally on visual arts, poetry, vinyl, and beautiful books!

Wait, don't go--I'd love to extend our time together!

As for extensions, I would love to see more of you if my schedule permits—if I'm free, I'm yours!

Do you accept same day appointments?

Same day appointments are often not possible as I usually plan at least that far in advance. If you're a new friend, I require more time to communicate with you beforehand. If we've seen one another before, tempt me.

How do you feel about reviews?

I prefer that you not leave me any public reviews. Much like yourself, I want our time together to be intimate and discreet. I find that reviews can be rather vulgar and I'm not the kiss and tell type.

I'd like to bring a gift to our date to woo you. Any guidance?

Gifts for me?! Aw, I'm smitten by your kindness. While gifts are never expected, oh my are they appreciated and always greeted with a gush of affection! To ease your process of being a total sweetheart, I have compiled two wish lists: one through Giftful (click here) and one through Amazon (click here). Please do let me know if you send something so I know whom to direct all of my appreciation toward! At a glance: US Size: 4/Small
Bra Size: 34B Panty Size: 6/Medium
Agent Provocateur Garter + Panty: 3
Shoe: US 8

Do you have any friends that would like to join us?

Why, do I ever! I pride myself on my short, but decadently sweet list of genuine, whip-smart, hilarious, and irresistable friends. Among them are Marie LeBlanc, Meridith Ye, Peyton Alexander, and Sophia Skye.


Get In Touch

I'm so delighted that we're this much closer to enjoying our time together! The form below is to ensure that we can toss worry to the wind during our meeting. Rest assured, your information will be handled with the utmost attention to security and discretion. Once you have been screened, I will permanently delete all of your data save your email for future correspondence. 

Speaking of security, you will notice that I use ProtonMail's encrypted email service to keep my information out from under unwanted eyes. I prefer that you do the same that way our exchanges can be encrypted end-to-end. I'm looking forward to hearing all about you and your tempting proposals!